During his lifetime a poet or writer speaks to himself through his writings. A book is like a gallery which the reader can visit to view that conversation and get enriched.For the poet this is a search to his innermost being, and for the reader the book is the conversation which will take the reader through the journey to his/ her hidden self. This is the endeavour which both the creator and reader together undertake through the book.

Poetry Books

premer kobita

প্রেমের কবিতা

Collection of Love Poems by Hawakal publishe

srestho kobita

শ্রেষ্ঠ কবিতা

Collection of Best poems by Dey’s publishing in 2020

বকুল বামাপদ নিতাই আর আমি

Poetry collection published by Karigar -Kriti in 2020

balite joler dag

বালিতে জলের দাগ

Poetry collection published by Signet in 2019

ami to boltei partam

আমি তো বলতেই পারতাম

এই যে আমি চলেছি

Poetry collection published by Signet in 2015

Kabbo natto somogro

কাব্যনাট্য সংগ্রহ

Collection of Verse Drama Published by Yapanchitra in 2013

nirbachito durotto mene

নির্বাচিত দূরত্ব মেনে

Poetry collection published by Signet in 2013

অধর্ম কথা

Poetry collection published by Ananda Publisher in 2009

bhalo bolte sikhun

ভালো বলতে শিখুন

Poetry collection by Yapanchitra in 2011



Janmabeej ….long verse published by Yapanchitra. This is 3rd edition published in 2010

আপনাকেই ঠিক করতে হবে গন্তব্য

Published by Yapanchitra in 2008


মনোবাঞ্ছা এক বিন্দু জল

Poetry collection by Pratibhas in 2004

kotha theke suru korbo

কোথা থেকে শুরু করব

Published by Patralekha in 2005

ঈশ্বরের মুখ

Poetry collection published by Pragna publishing in 1998



Poetry collection published by Proma publication in 1994


ব্যক্তিগত স্মৃতিস্তম্ভের পাশে

Poetry collection published by Yapanchitra in 1987

স্থায়ী আবাস অস্থায়ী ঠিকানা

Poetry collection by Karuna Prakashani in 1989

jemon kore gaiche akash

যেমন করে গাইছে আকাশ

Poetry collection published by Patralekha in 2002. Got state Akademi award in 2005



Edited & Translated Books



An anthology of Bengali poetry since Independence translated into English and edited by Prabal Kumar Basu , published by  Lotus Feet book publication Ltd 2019

As of


Collection of poems translated by Barnali Roy and Published by Yapanchitra

Paradox of truth

Collection of short stories translated into English . Published by Yapanchitra in 2013

all About umbrellas

All about umbrellas

Collection of poems translated into English . Published by Yapanchitra in 2009



Poetry collection translated into English published by UBSPD

Collections of Essay and Short story

antaraler golpo kotha

অন্তরালের গল্প কথা

A collection of essays on different experiences of the poet in literary arena, Published by Atmaja in 2019

kichu dekha kichu kotha

কিছু দেখা, কিছু কথা

Essays on personal unique experience, Published by Choa in 2019

তরুন কবির কাব্যভাষা

Essays on Poetry Published in 2018 by Yapanchitra

চলতে চলতে রাষ্ট্রপতি ভবন

Collection of essays published by Srot publishing from Tripura

অন্য আলো

Collection of selected essays that were published in Yapanchitra magazine by different authors and edited by Prabal Kumar Basu

nirbachito goddo

মোর ভাবনারে

Collection of essays published by Karigar in 2012

ondho joto

অন্ধ যত হয় তত দেখে

Collection of essays published by Yapanchitra in 2007

golpoi golpo

গল্পই গল্প

amar somoy amar golpo

আমার সময় আমার গল্প



eminence Review

Sunil Gangopadhyay

"Prabal is one of the few bengali poets whose poetry has the flavour of modern world poetry”

Ron Pretty

"Prabal Kumar Basu is not afraid to tackle big themes. He explores the face of God, the meanings of identity, the human bestiary with equal facility. This is a poetry of wit, of irony and strong, sometimes surreal imagery. Prabal Kumar Basu writes poetry that will keep you engaged and often amused even as he challenges you with paradoxes of personality and metaphysics. It is a poetry to linger over and to savour.”